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Hawaii's Finest Gifts
Hawaii's Finest Gifts

About Us

In Hawaii, the word ALOHA means many things... hello, good-bye, farewell, love, affection, warmth and kindness to name a few. At Hawaii's Finest Products & Gifts we hold the Aloha Spirit close to our hearts.
We have been fortunate to call Hawaii our home for over 50 years and having loved the islands for so long we wanted to share the treasures found here with you.

We originally started with offering just the finest in Kona Coffee, Gifts and fresh Island Flowers that the islands had to offer. Quickly (wiki wiki) the calls and emails came in asking if we could get Hawaiian made food products from around the islands. So we visited all the islands and found home made Jams and Preserves, Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts, Teas, Gourmet Marinades and so much more! Eventually we became so diversified that we decided to package all these items into Hawaii inspired gifts in handmade Hawaiian baskets to encompass all the finest that Hawaii has to offer!

We also added selections such as authentic Hawaiian Aloha Shirts, Muumuu and matching Family Apparel, Hawaiian surf and beach products, Novelties and Souvenirs. All made here in Hawaii.


So in our true Aloha spirit, we want you to know that we will turn the islands upside down to find anything you want but don't see on our webpages! Just call or email us to let us know what you're looking for and we'll find it for you. No extra charge of course. Friends don't charge friends for helping each other out!


Mahalo (thank you) and... Aloha!

Vince and Pat Vassallo, Proud Owners


P.O. BOX 10499


OFFICE PHONE: 1-808-942-4011

Our hours are 7 AM -7 PM Hawaii Time*

*(Hawaii is 2 hours earlier than PST, 4 hours earlier than CST, 5 hours earlier than EST)

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