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Fresh Tropical Flowers From Hawaii. Our Low prices Includes Shipping!



Tropical Flowers From Hawaii include brilliant, colorful ANTHURIUMS available in red, white or pastel colors, multicolored BIRD OF PARADISE, magical PROTEA, fragrant GINGER BLOSSOMS, beautiful slim HELICONIAS and an infinite variety of gorgeous ORCHIDS.


All of these are shipped with unique tropical foliage to compliment the blooms and whisk you away to a tropical paradise!


Longlasting up to 4 weeks!

Guaranteed to arrive fresh and in perfect condition from our neighbor island nursery.

(Flowers are not shipped arranged & may vary slightly due to seasonal availability).

Sorry. Fresh flowers cannot be shipped to P.O. BOXES or APO addresses.

Super DeLuxe Tropical Assortment $59.95

Super Deluxe Tropical Assortment



Product #: F4


A Gorgeous Assortment of Tropical Exotics With:


7 Fancy Mixed Anthuriums
3 Orchid Sprays
1 Bird Of Paradise
1 Ginger
1 Exotic Protea
1 Heliconia and appropriate Tropical Foliage

For U.S. Orders Only

Deluxe Tropical Assortment $45.95

Product #: F3

An Exceptional Assortment of:
7 Fancy Mixed Anthuriums
2 Orchid Sprays
2 Heliconias With Tropical Foliage

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For U.S. Orders Only

Petite Tropical Mix $35.95

Product #:F2

A Great Value in this Colorful Assortment of:

3 Large Anthuriums
1 Bird Of Paradise
1 Heliconia and

1 stem of white Dendrobium Orchid blossoms w/Hawaiian Ti Leaf Tropical Foliage

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For U.S. Orders Only

Hawaiian Hearts Assortment $49.95

Product #: F1

 Send The Perfect Bouquet! Hawaii's Flower of Love!

1 Dozen Large, Brilliant Red Heart-Shaped Anthuriums With Green Ti Leaves.

Exotic, Beautiful...and lasts up to 4 weeks!




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For U.S. Orders Only

"Spectacular 10" Orchid Sprays $49.95

10 Spectacular white and purple Orchid Sprays, each stem having 20-30 blossoms! Elegant and easy to arrange, these orchids can be added to other bouquets for a special touch or placed simply in a vase.

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For U.S. Orders Only

Tropical Garden Luxury Assortment $69.95

A luxuriant blending of 3 pink Ginger, 5 pastel Anthuriums, 3 Bird of Paradise and 6 yellow Oncidium Orchids with approriate foliage.

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For U.S. Orders Only

Island Aloha Anthurium Assortment $54.95

An unusual and elegant display of 5 colorful mini Hybrid Anthuriums, 4 Pastel Anthuriums, 3 Dendrobium Orchid Sprays and tropical foliage.

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For U.S. Orders Only

Double Strand Leis From Oahu (from $35.00)

Product #: F10


A Very Special Gift For Any Occasion. Double Strand Leis Are handcrafted from natural flowers and are guaranteed to arrive in Perfect Condition. Normally Available Year-Round Are Double Dendrobium Orchids, Fragrant Double Tuberose, Fragrant Ginger, Pikake and "Haku" head Leis  and many More.

Allow at least 1 week lead time to order as FedEx Delivery takes 2-3 days.

Leis cost from $35.00 to $60.00 each plus FedEx Shipping.

Specific Pricing and Seasonal Availability will be confirmed and adjusted before shipping.

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For U.S. Orders Only

Brassaia Hawaiian Lava Bonsai Plant $59.95

Product #: F12

 An Ideal and Easy-Care Gift from our Big Island Nursery specializing in Bonsai cultivation. Well suited for home or office.

By blending a proven houseplant (Dwarf Schefflera) with an interesting piece of lava, a unique indoor planting results.

They are tough plants that are popular with those who tend to forget to water. BUT DON'T OVER WATER! These like to dry out a bit between waterings.

Plants are 3-5 years old and 5"-7" tall. Rock is about 3"x 6".

*Price Includes a saucer and gravel



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For U.S. Orders Only

Blooming Plant $39.95

Exotic Hawaiian Blooming Plants in a 3"-4" pot.
Choose an exotic red Anthurium plant or a beautiful Dendrobium Orchid.


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For U.S. Orders Only

For the Gardener! 8 Seeds and Shoots Package $34.95

Product #: F16

 Seeds: Bird of Paradise, Papaya, and Woodrose.

 Shoots: Bamboo Orchid, Red or White Ginger, Hibiscus, Plumeria Slip and a Hawaiian Ti Plant Log.

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For U.S. Orders Only

5 Roots Package $35.95

Product #: F17

 Four different Orchid plants in 2" pots (Dendrobium, Vanda, Cattleya plus a Phileanopsis (if available) and one Anthurium plant. (If Phileanopsis Orchid is not available, we will substitute another from the above list.

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